Wednesday, December 17, 2008

G's 1st band concert

I know you cannot see G because she is hidden by flutes, but you can listen to the band concert here.

Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the Season!

I did it! I got my house decorated in one weekend. I put the 7 1/2 foot mammoth tree up in the living room. I did it in blue and silver! Love it!!!!

G and E decorated the famous Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the dining room. Actually it was our old tree that looks like it is about to fall apart! The cool thing was that G and E made several of the decorations for this tree from scratch. We made dough ornaments and they look great!

I am excited about Christmas but still don't have all of my gifts bought!

Whose idea was it to exchange gifts in the first place? Isn't Jesus gift enough?

Monday, November 24, 2008

E had his fourth birthday. We started with a family thing at the house and a trip to Chick-Fil-A (his favorite birthday spot) and then we had a big family party for he and my niece at Mom and Dad's house.

Fall Festival

This year for fall festival, E was an Aggie football star and G was a vet (with Annie her patient). It was a great experience for us all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

6th grade and Freedom of Speech

G comes up to me tonight and says, "Mom, there are some kids at school that believe Obama is the antichrist and I agree." Frantically, I look around the room to make sure there are no bugs or hidden cameras. I tell her, "You could be right but freedom of speech isn't really freedom of speech. You cannot be talking about things like that." Her innocent 6th grade frame of mind couldn't understand why we don't really have freedom of speech. I didn't show her the article but I did encourage her to let it go.
When did it get so bad that we become fearful of sharing our opinions? Why do I care if my blog gets flagged because I have an opinion? When did it become necessary to warn my daughter about speaking her mind? Truth is...we are going to cause our own freedoms to become null and void because of our apathy. What a sad place!
If you know G, you know that she will go down with the ship before giving up her opinions. She is her mother's daughter!

Just some political thoughts with a recovering migraine sufferer today! :)

Can you believe this????????????

Secret Service visits Lufkin woman after 'death threat' allegation from an Obama campaign volunteerBy JESSICA SAVAGEThe Lufkin Daily News
Monday, October 06, 2008
A Lufkin woman received a surprise visit from the Secret Service last week because of a "death threat" comment she reportedly made about Sen. Barack Obama to a campaign volunteer asking for her support of the presidential candidate.
Two federal agents arrived at Jessica Hughes' home Thursday to ask her if she said, "I will never support Obama and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor."
Hughes said her words were deliberately twisted by a volunteer who was apparently unhappy Hughes was rude during a phone conversation the two had. The Lufkin mother, a Republican, said she received a call on her cell phone Wednesday from a woman with the Obama Volunteers of Texarkana.
"She asked if I was an Obama supporter, to which I replied, 'No, I don't support him. Your guy is a socialist who voted four times in the state Senate to let little babies die in hospital closets; I think you should find something better to do with your time.' (And then) I hung up."
(Hughes is referring to a "born alive" Illinois bill that did not pass in the Illinois state Senate in 2005 and had previously been opposed by Obama because he said it undermined Roe v. Wade, according to, a non-partisan organization. A federal version of the bill, which Obama said he would have supported, passed by unanimous consent and was signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2002.)
Obama Campaign Communications for Texas director Josh Taylor declined to comment Monday, refusing to answer any questions and referring the matter to the Secret Service, which he said is conducting an investigation. A message left with a Secret Service agent in Houston was not immediately returned.
Hughes said she was surprised to see two Secret Service agents at her door, and upset to learn that the conversation she had with the volunteer apparently had not been recorded.
"I find it hard to believe that (campaign volunteers) don't tape these calls. They call people unsolicited and they aren't monitoring the calls or recording them? I think that is absolutely ridiculous," she said.
"I mean, how often must this happen — that someone is rude to a volunteer that they don't want to talk to?"
Hughes said she wants to file a countercomplaint against the volunteer.
"She has made a charge that will follow me the rest of my life," she said.
"I find that repugnant and violating — that some person got her undies in a bundle because she didn't like what I had to say."
Vote for this story!

Find this article at:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weird Week

This has definitely been a very weird week. I am glad to say that it has come to an end. We started the week in fear that our dear friend, Fran, might have cancer. We were thrilled beyond words when we found out that she does not have cancer. Praise God for that news.
I have been coughing for about 7 weeks now. This week it got much worse. I have been coughing like a heavy chain smoker and I have never even smoked.
Wednesday, Shane's office was broken into and his computer stolen. We believe that it was stolen from someone we know. Reno pd didn't even take fingerprints so we may never know. That put a damper on the week.
Thursday, we got news that one of my former student's dad was killed in the helicopter crash in Iraq. He was someone that I had gotten to know. His family is precious with his wife, Melanie, and their 4 girls. It has been very sad. Living near and teaching at the world's largest military base for 14+ years should have prepared me for this but I have been so blessed to not have this happen before. Pray for the Mason family. They will need God's strength and peace throughout the coming months.
The weather has been nice here. Loving the cooler weather.
Still coughing a lot but going to keep on kicking. We are headed to a day out with friends. Shane is going to hang out with his buddy Ed and the kids and I are gonna do a little shopping.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finish up our vacation

Well, we found a church to attend on Sunday and then quickly enjoyed the ski lift one more time before it poured with rain and hail. We missed that by 10 minutes.

Monday, drove all the way home taking a scenic route. (Another words, we got off our beaten path accidentally)

Tuesday, we decided to use our free tickets and go to Six Flags. Were we nuts or what????? We had a great time, though!

Wednesday, drove to Holly Lakes for a few days at the timeshare. We swam a lot on Thursday and then Friday, before we left, did some fun things in Tyler. After that, we went to see Wall-E. It was okay but nobody was really excited about it!

Came home on Friday and are recovering today!

That is our big vacation.

(I wish you could see G right now....she is dancing to Hannah Montana's one day concert. She is wearing 3-D glasses. This is a hoot!!!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation 3

Vacation Part 3-We want to see a real bear :(

Friday night-G went for more aerobic exercising and we stayed here at the cabin. I had a headache because of the altitude and heat. It has surprisingly been a little warm in the afternoons. I have a killer sunburn on my head and nose. Lovely, huh?

Imagine this....up with the dawn again!!! We got up and G went on a hike around the river. The community center has great things for kids and good supervision, as well. We went to the laundry mat while she hiked. Picked her up and went to lunch at Capo's. It was VERY expensive and not all that great. G and I went to the community center so that she could build a boat and race it. You will see a picture of it. Pretty cool! She picked out the wood and really built it. She didn't win the race and if you know know that it was devastating!
Shane and E met us at Old Frye's Town for the shootout and Indian dances. Well, the shootout was the same but there were no Indians. They had other things going on and didn't make it. We drove around the mountains after that and then ate a funnel cake. Hung out at the cabin and then went and heard a local band play at the community center lawn.

Getting ready for church. E is in full swing. Praying they have a nursery!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Postcard from us to you

We are having a GRAND time here in Red River! We love you all!

Friends and Family

The Scotts

Vacation Day 2

Vacation Day 1

Vacation part 1

Well, the Scotts have made a big trip to the mountains. We left on Monday and drove to Dalhart. We got there and had reservations at what I thought was a decent motel. YUCK! It was awful and no working pool. So, I went and told the man that since there was no working pool and I had promised the kids a pool that we wanted to cancel our reservations. He argued and argued with me that it was posted online that there was no working pool. He cancelled our reservations but our parting conversation was:
Me: You might want to double check so that this doesn't happen again.
Him: You need to check it again because you are wrong.

So, I we went to Days Inn and it was nice enough. And.....I wrote Best Western about my aforementioned problem. They wrote me back and are sending us a $25 gift certificate to Best Western because of our problems. By the way, it WAS NOT mentioned on I checked again!

Monday, we left to come to Red River. The first pics that you see in the slide show are of our first look at the mountains. We enjoyed watching the temperature drop as we got closer.

When we were pretty close, we stopped at a cold mountain stream. Shane and the kids got out and played in the water. You will see those pics.

We got to Red River and it was warmer than expected but still cool enough. We watched a gunfight and hung out around town. We, also, checked into our hotel/condo thingy. You will see pictures of it.

E was so tired and cranky that we were about to lose our minds. We went to the grocery store, bought some groceries, and came home and cooked spaghetti. We were all exhausted so we just hung out here and chilled.

Today, Wednesday, E woke up before 7 and the kids and I were dressed and outside by 8:30ish. We went and made reservations for our jeep tour. We were more than excited about it since we have enjoyed that for many years at Red River.

We didn't think that 12:00 would ever come for our jeep tour. Well, it came and boy was it a trip.

First, we get going and we have a really crazy driver. He takes us to the edge of the mountain and kinda slides around crazy like.

Then, we have a flat tire. (Let me interject here to tell you that the last time Shane and I took a Red River jeep tour, we had a flat.) Did I mention that at this point it had started raining?

Well, the guys got the tire changed and then the rain really hit hard. Not only rain but sleet. Hard and fast sleet. The driver, seeming to be encouraged by this, decided to drive very, very fast through this chaos. We had panchos on and had to hide our faces because the pelting sleet was hurting our faces. E fell asleep under my pancho but G was so stressed out. We did this for about 20-30 minutes. It was horrible and nobody on the jeep made a sound. It was VERY SCARY!

We got to the top of Greenie Peak and had just a moment to jump out and take pictures. It was still raining but not near as hard. We got back into the jeep and sped off to the cave. While there, my legs got real crampy and we were all suffering from the recent trauma. G panned for gold and then quickly we got back in the jeep again.

We sped back to Red River so that the driver wouldn't miss his next psychotic tour. I wanted to warn them but just couldn't. Did I mention that he was smoking out the window the whole time and it was blowing into our faces? I hate cigarette smoke!!!

So, now we are back in the room and we are recovering as best we can. Other than the jeep tour, we love it here!!! Stay tuned for more updates from our Big Red River Vacation!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, I wrote this once and then accidentally lost it. I am brilliant sometimes. NOT!
Last Tuesday, I found out that I will be writing for Lifeway soon. I am going to be writing for one of their children's curriculum. I will be attending an all expense paid trip to their writer's conference in February. Shane and I will both be leading Sunday School training this August. I am so excited. If you know me well, you know that these are dreams come true.
I was blessed with the opportunity to be mom's nurse as she is recovering from knee surgery. We had a great time just hanging out and she is recovering.
I had to head home on Saturday because Shane and I had a big date. Our friend, Randy, is a flight instructor. He and his wife flew us to Stephenville for dinner. It was way too much fun! We had a great time and you know me...I love flying.
Monday, we had the opportunity to attend the Rangers/Angels game in a Suite overlooking Center field. It was our choice: inside watching on the big screen with air conditioning or outside watching live. You will never believe this but I chose outside. I was hollering by the end of the game. It was fun and FREE!
Next week, we will be taking a vacation to Red River. We are very excited.
God has been blessing us in unique ways and with unique opportunities. Not to mention that Ethan has been taking naps. (Thanks for the prayers!) We pray God is blessing you and that you are recognizing His blessings!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

slide show of the kids

Family Pictures

We had a big day with Family pics, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and a birthday party. Here are our pics!


Here are pics from a trip to the zoo, rock climbing for G, playing in the sprinkler and swimming in mom's bathtub.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday Saga

Well....if I thought Tuesday couldn't get any worse....I was wrong. That afternoon, my neighbor two doors down, came over to complain about our dogs being too loud. He even admitted to going into my backyard to see if he could quieten them one day. ARG. He tried being polite but he didn't win any awards with me.
As it turns out, E decided that he was tired (go figure) and he crashed about 8:00ish. G and I had to take the dogs out one more time and I decided we should stay outside with them so they wouldn't bark. One of us closed the back door and voila-we were locked out. Now it is about 9:00 and E has been in a deep sleep for an hour now. (Did you remember that Shane is on a mission trip in Galveston?) So, I go to the neighbor's (This is the good neighbor) house and call Shane in Galveston. We decided that I should try to wake E and get him to open the door. I banged on his window for 20-30 minutes and G rang the doorbell. He wasn't budging. My neighbor worked really hard at trying to "break into" my house with no luck. I live in a fortress. I go back to their house and Shane calls and remembers he has a key at the church. So I call his secretary and she goes and gets the key. She brings it to the house and lets me in. What a day!

Wednesday- We went to the zoo and looked at all of God's creations. We had a great day with our friends and it made up for Tuesday's disasters.

Signing off now......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Okay, so I hadn't planned on posting this soon but maybe you can offer some great advice. E has decided this week that he doesn't need naps. ARG! He was in his room (or so to speak) for 3 1/2 hours today. During that time, he peed about 2000000 times and then pooped once. Oh yeah, did I mention that after he pooped he threw his underwear in the toilet and then fished it out? Then brought it to me. "Mom my underwear fell into the toilet!" I ABOUT SCREAMED. I took all of his toys, and most of his blankets away and he still wouldn't stay in bed. Finally, I gave up. He is running around here in his underwear, socks and his superman cape telling us he is a super hero. If he could go without a nap and be sweet, I would be all over that but not so. I know that with me being home for the summer that he is going to try my patience and have a harder time getting into the routine of things. But....any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love this crazy superhero but he drives me bananas sometimes!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Can you believe that I might actually blog? Okay, it might last only a week but it will be fun for this week!
My friend, Aimee (whom I haven't seen in years), started a blog and I thought...sure...I could do this. Those of you that know me well know that it might not last.
For those of you that haven't heard from us in apologies.

Shane and I are living up in North Texas now and he is the Pastor of Walnut Creek Baptist Church. I teach school (2nd grade) in a small rural town near my hometown. We are very close to my family in proximity and love that! G (as I guess I should refer to my daughter) is getting very grown up. She had her 11th birthday this year and is starting to ride in the front seat. E (as I guess I should refer to my son) is 3 1/2 and funny as can be. He lives life to make us laugh or cry. He is very dramatic and couldn't really understand why dad, mom and G all have a birthday in the first week of June. Poor Shane, though, he thought he was 37 years old all year long so it was kinda a shock when he found out that he is just turning 37. I, on the other hand, think that 35 must be the perfect age. You aren't old enough to have grand kids but you are old enough for people to respect you. This might be a really good year for me age wise!

Birthday stuff-
Mom came down on Monday and we went to Fort Worth for my birthday. We drove around the north side of Fort Worth to see where my great grandparents once lived. That was a cool drive down memory lane. We went shopping and mom and I got lots of clothes. E was a little tired of the shopping so when he prayed over dinner (Chipotle's-my favorite), he thanked God that we were done shopping.

Tuesday-We went to Grapevine for G's birthday. She wanted to rock climb and bungee jump at Grapevine Mills mall. E went to daycare for the day as we decided that he truly had his filling of shopping. G did a lot of shopping and was quite disappointed to find out that the rock climb and bungee jump were closed for the day. We ended up the day with Olive Garden and a cookie cake for her birthday.

Shane's birthday was spent resting and him getting ready for his mission trip to Galveston. Poor guy-work, work, work!

Well, I am signing off of my first blog. Don't know that you will ever want to read this again but my momma will love it.