Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation part 1

Well, the Scotts have made a big trip to the mountains. We left on Monday and drove to Dalhart. We got there and had reservations at what I thought was a decent motel. YUCK! It was awful and no working pool. So, I went and told the man that since there was no working pool and I had promised the kids a pool that we wanted to cancel our reservations. He argued and argued with me that it was posted online that there was no working pool. He cancelled our reservations but our parting conversation was:
Me: You might want to double check so that this doesn't happen again.
Him: You need to check it again because you are wrong.

So, I we went to Days Inn and it was nice enough. And.....I wrote Best Western about my aforementioned problem. They wrote me back and are sending us a $25 gift certificate to Best Western because of our problems. By the way, it WAS NOT mentioned on I checked again!

Monday, we left to come to Red River. The first pics that you see in the slide show are of our first look at the mountains. We enjoyed watching the temperature drop as we got closer.

When we were pretty close, we stopped at a cold mountain stream. Shane and the kids got out and played in the water. You will see those pics.

We got to Red River and it was warmer than expected but still cool enough. We watched a gunfight and hung out around town. We, also, checked into our hotel/condo thingy. You will see pictures of it.

E was so tired and cranky that we were about to lose our minds. We went to the grocery store, bought some groceries, and came home and cooked spaghetti. We were all exhausted so we just hung out here and chilled.

Today, Wednesday, E woke up before 7 and the kids and I were dressed and outside by 8:30ish. We went and made reservations for our jeep tour. We were more than excited about it since we have enjoyed that for many years at Red River.

We didn't think that 12:00 would ever come for our jeep tour. Well, it came and boy was it a trip.

First, we get going and we have a really crazy driver. He takes us to the edge of the mountain and kinda slides around crazy like.

Then, we have a flat tire. (Let me interject here to tell you that the last time Shane and I took a Red River jeep tour, we had a flat.) Did I mention that at this point it had started raining?

Well, the guys got the tire changed and then the rain really hit hard. Not only rain but sleet. Hard and fast sleet. The driver, seeming to be encouraged by this, decided to drive very, very fast through this chaos. We had panchos on and had to hide our faces because the pelting sleet was hurting our faces. E fell asleep under my pancho but G was so stressed out. We did this for about 20-30 minutes. It was horrible and nobody on the jeep made a sound. It was VERY SCARY!

We got to the top of Greenie Peak and had just a moment to jump out and take pictures. It was still raining but not near as hard. We got back into the jeep and sped off to the cave. While there, my legs got real crampy and we were all suffering from the recent trauma. G panned for gold and then quickly we got back in the jeep again.

We sped back to Red River so that the driver wouldn't miss his next psychotic tour. I wanted to warn them but just couldn't. Did I mention that he was smoking out the window the whole time and it was blowing into our faces? I hate cigarette smoke!!!

So, now we are back in the room and we are recovering as best we can. Other than the jeep tour, we love it here!!! Stay tuned for more updates from our Big Red River Vacation!!!


  1. We have so many awewsome memories of Red thing about have certainly made a memory!!!

  2. Wow what a ride. You explained it so well I felt like I was on the Jeep with you. I even spilt my water on me in the process, which made it even more real for me. I don't see any pictures! Or will you post them later? Have a super duper time and just enjoy the time together.

  3. It's so pretty! It looks like it's nice and cool~ Have lots of fun!
    Wes & Amy