Thursday, July 21, 2011

The truth is....

The truth is...I haven't blogged in two years. My life is so incredibly busy that I don't have the time to blog. Just an update on the Scott's though-

Shane is finishing his fourth year as pastor at Walnut Creek Baptist Church. I still play the piano and help out with preschool and children as needed.

G is starting high school this year. She is so excited to be in the marching band and actually goes back to school next week!

E is starting 1st grade this year. He is the same fun-loving, goofy, short-haired boy we all love!

Annie is living the life of luxury these days. The older she gets, the lazier she gets!

I am still teaching 3rd grade and writing for LifeWay. In addition, I am a dummy who is now the band booster president. My life has hit busy and fast!

Summer is drawing to an end. I am actually sitting in a room at Glorieta in my pj's typing this. Love Glorieta and the peace and tranquility it provides.

I have met some of God's best warriers here and am loving it. Sadly, we will have to leave in a day or two :(

Hope to get back to you in another year or two! ;)