Tuesday, June 24, 2008

slide show of the kids

Family Pictures

We had a big day with Family pics, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and a birthday party. Here are our pics!


Here are pics from a trip to the zoo, rock climbing for G, playing in the sprinkler and swimming in mom's bathtub.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday Saga

Well....if I thought Tuesday couldn't get any worse....I was wrong. That afternoon, my neighbor two doors down, came over to complain about our dogs being too loud. He even admitted to going into my backyard to see if he could quieten them one day. ARG. He tried being polite but he didn't win any awards with me.
As it turns out, E decided that he was tired (go figure) and he crashed about 8:00ish. G and I had to take the dogs out one more time and I decided we should stay outside with them so they wouldn't bark. One of us closed the back door and voila-we were locked out. Now it is about 9:00 and E has been in a deep sleep for an hour now. (Did you remember that Shane is on a mission trip in Galveston?) So, I go to the neighbor's (This is the good neighbor) house and call Shane in Galveston. We decided that I should try to wake E and get him to open the door. I banged on his window for 20-30 minutes and G rang the doorbell. He wasn't budging. My neighbor worked really hard at trying to "break into" my house with no luck. I live in a fortress. I go back to their house and Shane calls and remembers he has a key at the church. So I call his secretary and she goes and gets the key. She brings it to the house and lets me in. What a day!

Wednesday- We went to the zoo and looked at all of God's creations. We had a great day with our friends and it made up for Tuesday's disasters.

Signing off now......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Okay, so I hadn't planned on posting this soon but maybe you can offer some great advice. E has decided this week that he doesn't need naps. ARG! He was in his room (or so to speak) for 3 1/2 hours today. During that time, he peed about 2000000 times and then pooped once. Oh yeah, did I mention that after he pooped he threw his underwear in the toilet and then fished it out? Then brought it to me. "Mom my underwear fell into the toilet!" I ABOUT SCREAMED. I took all of his toys, and most of his blankets away and he still wouldn't stay in bed. Finally, I gave up. He is running around here in his underwear, socks and his superman cape telling us he is a super hero. If he could go without a nap and be sweet, I would be all over that but not so. I know that with me being home for the summer that he is going to try my patience and have a harder time getting into the routine of things. But....any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love this crazy superhero but he drives me bananas sometimes!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Can you believe that I might actually blog? Okay, it might last only a week but it will be fun for this week!
My friend, Aimee (whom I haven't seen in years), started a blog and I thought...sure...I could do this. Those of you that know me well know that it might not last.
For those of you that haven't heard from us in years...my apologies.

Shane and I are living up in North Texas now and he is the Pastor of Walnut Creek Baptist Church. I teach school (2nd grade) in a small rural town near my hometown. We are very close to my family in proximity and love that! G (as I guess I should refer to my daughter) is getting very grown up. She had her 11th birthday this year and is starting to ride in the front seat. E (as I guess I should refer to my son) is 3 1/2 and funny as can be. He lives life to make us laugh or cry. He is very dramatic and couldn't really understand why dad, mom and G all have a birthday in the first week of June. Poor Shane, though, he thought he was 37 years old all year long so it was kinda a shock when he found out that he is just turning 37. I, on the other hand, think that 35 must be the perfect age. You aren't old enough to have grand kids but you are old enough for people to respect you. This might be a really good year for me age wise!

Birthday stuff-
Mom came down on Monday and we went to Fort Worth for my birthday. We drove around the north side of Fort Worth to see where my great grandparents once lived. That was a cool drive down memory lane. We went shopping and mom and I got lots of clothes. E was a little tired of the shopping so when he prayed over dinner (Chipotle's-my favorite), he thanked God that we were done shopping.

Tuesday-We went to Grapevine for G's birthday. She wanted to rock climb and bungee jump at Grapevine Mills mall. E went to daycare for the day as we decided that he truly had his filling of shopping. G did a lot of shopping and was quite disappointed to find out that the rock climb and bungee jump were closed for the day. We ended up the day with Olive Garden and a cookie cake for her birthday.

Shane's birthday was spent resting and him getting ready for his mission trip to Galveston. Poor guy-work, work, work!

Well, I am signing off of my first blog. Don't know that you will ever want to read this again but my momma will love it.