Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday Saga

Well....if I thought Tuesday couldn't get any worse....I was wrong. That afternoon, my neighbor two doors down, came over to complain about our dogs being too loud. He even admitted to going into my backyard to see if he could quieten them one day. ARG. He tried being polite but he didn't win any awards with me.
As it turns out, E decided that he was tired (go figure) and he crashed about 8:00ish. G and I had to take the dogs out one more time and I decided we should stay outside with them so they wouldn't bark. One of us closed the back door and voila-we were locked out. Now it is about 9:00 and E has been in a deep sleep for an hour now. (Did you remember that Shane is on a mission trip in Galveston?) So, I go to the neighbor's (This is the good neighbor) house and call Shane in Galveston. We decided that I should try to wake E and get him to open the door. I banged on his window for 20-30 minutes and G rang the doorbell. He wasn't budging. My neighbor worked really hard at trying to "break into" my house with no luck. I live in a fortress. I go back to their house and Shane calls and remembers he has a key at the church. So I call his secretary and she goes and gets the key. She brings it to the house and lets me in. What a day!

Wednesday- We went to the zoo and looked at all of God's creations. We had a great day with our friends and it made up for Tuesday's disasters.

Signing off now......


  1. What a day! I had this parenting thing all figured out before I had kids! What you need to do is take pictures of the super hero at his "best" and recored it on video so that you can teach this behavior to his children. Now its the 20th - Has he napped yet? Not to be discouraging but my mom tells me my brother gave up his nap when he was like 2 or 3 and refused to sleep in the afternoon.

  2. I am so impressed with your blog! I knew there was a reason God me children early in life. LOL

    Amy S

  3. Aimee is right. Brad gave up his naps at about 3 1/2. The only way I could get him to nap was to lay down beside him and pretend to sleep as I held him down and still. By four it was not worth it because then he wouldn't go to sleep at night. I did make him stay in his room for an hour and play (reading a book would have been punishment for him). On the other hand, I had to break Aimee before she went to 1st grade. Good luck with him. Carla