Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Some of you have asked about my trip….some of you haven’t but I’m gonna tell you about it anyways!

A couple of years ago, I applied to write for LifeWay curriculum. The application process changed and I didn’t realize it so I didn’t update my file for a few years. This past spring, I updated my application and within a few weeks was asked to write for Worship KidStyle, a preschool children’s church curriculum.
This conference in Nashville was to work on my writing for this. We would start the day at 7:30 (breakfast) and work until lunch. Then, we ate lunch in the LifeWay (did you know they employ about 1500 at that site alone?) cafeteria. We would work until dinner and then back to work that evening. Thursday, I worked until 9:45 p.m.
You cannot imagine all that goes into such a production. I was amazed. I went to the conference with most of my ideas on paper. Then I had to compare with 3 other people to make sure we didn’t duplicate. After that, I compared with 2 additional people. When that was complete, I compared my ideas with the Sunday School curriculum for that quarter. It was crazy but amazing! At this time, I have to revise and create a final draft of my ideas. I must have it submitted by November 15th. My stuff will be published in the summer of 2011.
In addition to being a pastor’s wife, mom, and teacher, I love doing this type of thing. I have started leading more Preschool conferences and hopefully, will begin writing for more publications.
I didn’t see much of Nashville so I hope that the family and I can go back for a visit. I met great friends from all over the country! I have inserted a picture of the LifeWay building and here is the website to see an example of what we are doing ( ) I am writing the Application Activities.
Anyway, that is my week in a nutshell. I feel honored that I was chosen to write for them and blessed that my bosses let me go! Shane did a great job with the kids and I am hoping to get him into this writing thing.

Thanks for your love and prayers!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Okay, so I cannot seem to multitask on the technology end of things. I didn't want to write a blog until I had my Christmas pictures on but it might be Thanksgiving before I do that. So, here I am .
The multitasking, you ask? I am now on Facebook. As if I needed one more thing to do. Crazy isn't it?
This weekend I am leading a conference for ETC workers in Weatherford. I am so excited but still have so much to do to get it just right.
Then, next month, I will be flying to Nashville to start working on LifeWay Preschool curriculum. I am so excited that I can hardly wait!!!
I applied to help with some test writing and should I get that, I will be flying to Missouri in March or April.
Lots going on and I am loving it all.

Shane is fabulous and supports my interests in writing and leading training conferences. (My real bosses have been supportive too) Training people to work with preschoolers in church is my passion. I love it!

The kids are great. We are back in school and have enjoyed getting back into our routine. I really will try to post some pictures of my angels.