Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Okay, so I hadn't planned on posting this soon but maybe you can offer some great advice. E has decided this week that he doesn't need naps. ARG! He was in his room (or so to speak) for 3 1/2 hours today. During that time, he peed about 2000000 times and then pooped once. Oh yeah, did I mention that after he pooped he threw his underwear in the toilet and then fished it out? Then brought it to me. "Mom my underwear fell into the toilet!" I ABOUT SCREAMED. I took all of his toys, and most of his blankets away and he still wouldn't stay in bed. Finally, I gave up. He is running around here in his underwear, socks and his superman cape telling us he is a super hero. If he could go without a nap and be sweet, I would be all over that but not so. I know that with me being home for the summer that he is going to try my patience and have a harder time getting into the routine of things. But....any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love this crazy superhero but he drives me bananas sometimes!


  1. Well I think it is too funny! He cracks me up:)