Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Part 3-We want to see a real bear :(

Friday night-G went for more aerobic exercising and we stayed here at the cabin. I had a headache because of the altitude and heat. It has surprisingly been a little warm in the afternoons. I have a killer sunburn on my head and nose. Lovely, huh?

Imagine this....up with the dawn again!!! We got up and G went on a hike around the river. The community center has great things for kids and good supervision, as well. We went to the laundry mat while she hiked. Picked her up and went to lunch at Capo's. It was VERY expensive and not all that great. G and I went to the community center so that she could build a boat and race it. You will see a picture of it. Pretty cool! She picked out the wood and really built it. She didn't win the race and if you know know that it was devastating!
Shane and E met us at Old Frye's Town for the shootout and Indian dances. Well, the shootout was the same but there were no Indians. They had other things going on and didn't make it. We drove around the mountains after that and then ate a funnel cake. Hung out at the cabin and then went and heard a local band play at the community center lawn.

Getting ready for church. E is in full swing. Praying they have a nursery!!!


  1. How much fun yall are having!!! G, I am very impressed...I did not know you were a carpenter. You will get them next time.

    I love the bear pictures...reminded me of a "stuff" animal that someone won at Six Flags one time. Aren't you glad the bear stays in Red River?

    Love yall

  2. Hey Y'll
    Still having fun I see. How long are you staying there? I love the pics. Watching G on the bouncy thing reminds me so much of Chelle. Looks like her too. Nice woodwork G. Next is a dog house. Keep it up.